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Great stuffed toy

A great stuffed toy, amazing that it talks so clear,and even moves.... like a human...great for child or child at heart.

Cute lion

I wasn't sure what to expect based on other reviews, especially the one with the picture that made the animal seem really cheap. I don't know if theirs just wasn't right or if they just didn't fluff if after it came out of the bag, but I'm happy with this animal - especially for the price. It's a bit lighter than the product photo, but I don't have a problem with that. It does ship bunched up in a bag. That's not much different from how I've received other stuffed animals I've purchased online, and actually I'm okay with that. It seems cleaner than if it was just a loose stuffed animal sitting around in a warehouse collecting dust. After a little fluffing he looks good and my daughter was excited about him.

This is my daughters favorite. She plays the music when she wakes up ...

This is my daughters favorite. She plays the music when she wakes up in the night and it helps her fall back to sleep. It's really soft.

Love our 'Big Bear'

I bought two of these for my toddlers ages 1 and 2 years old. They love them. They climb all over and hug them a lot. Very good quality and have withstood quite a bit so far. I can hear the seams ripping a little when my two yr old drags it. I don't think it will quite stand up to the continued wear my son puts them through but when that day comes I'm ordering another. The craftsmanship is so good and the bears are so soft and comfortable that I want my kids to have these as they grow. Even I lay against them and use them as a pillow when sitting on the floor with the kids.

Love the color!

Such a cute bear! Just sits there, but it's so soft. Love the color, didn't want brown or pink. Nice nursery prop.

Nice mattress cushion

Bought for daughter. She likes it.

Durable and Fun

So far we've had this rabbit for about a month, and the only damage has been the tail. It started to pull away, so I jut cut the whole thing off and sewed up the hole right away. All of the squeakers and the grunter still work, and the ears have some sort of crinkle fabric in them which my dog loves. He liked to pull on the hair when we first gave it to him, so at that point we took it away and had him chew on a bone instead. Overall, very happy with this toy.

hummer perfect!!

This s is the BEST stuffed hummingbird I have ever seen!!!!

Five Stars

Very nice little bear. Purchased for my new granddaughter and I was very pleased with the quality and size.

Five Stars

Teddy arrived earlier than expected and my son and his wife are loving it.