Small Big Large Light Brown Teddy Bear With Khaki Sweater And Plaid Ribbon Bow Gifts For Holidays

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Five Stars

Very good material it was a huge teddy bear my girlfriend loves it

As Pictured, Soft and Cuddly

Bought this for my new baby nephew. It is adorable and looks exactly as pictured. His mane was a little squished, but it took 10 seconds to fluff it up. It looks great to me. I see no imperfections. I'm just an average consumer, not a stuffed animal connoisseur.

Gund Baby Orgh Dinosaur

Bought this as a present for the sister. The Gund Baby came exactly as pictured and is extremely soft. Very good quality as well. Upon inspection: - no loose strings - very well stuffed - found no open or poorly constructed seams For the quality and size you get vs price, this was a very good purchase. So I went and bought the Crom and Ugg dinosaurs too =) Cheers~

I highly recommend this for your baby

I highly recommend this for your baby! My baby loved it from 4-8 months. She chewed on it and everything. She loved her cousins and so I had to buy one for her.

I purchased this as a gift for my friend, ...

I purchased this as a gift for my friend, and it's just as cute in the image. The colours are the same and the plush is made out of incredibly soft material. It's about a foot in height and kind of oval shaped, just to give an idea of this product's dimensions.

Perfect Color -- Just Like the Poop Emoji

COLOR: This pillow looks just like the poop emoji, and the color is accurate. It is not super light brown as I'd feared. SIZE: It is NOT super small as some have suggested, but it's not huge either. It's about the size of a throw pillow on my couch....check the measurements in the description. QUALITY: It is very soft and I can't stop snuggling with it, much to the amusement of my boyfriend. We like to place this pillow outside of the bathroom whenever one of us is in there too long. The pillow seems to be pretty good quality, which means that we will be able to keep up our antics for quite a while. ;) PRICE: I've seen this exact same pillow in the mall "on sale" for $13, so less than $5 here on Amazon is a great deal. SHIPPING & SELLER: The first time I ordered this pillow, it never arrived. I messaged the seller, and he said that he'd confirmed that the pillow had gotten lost at the USPS shipping facility. I nervously mentioned that Christmas was quickly approaching, but the seller assured me that he would send me a replacement and that it would get here before Christmas. I doubted this since it was shipping from overseas, but sure enough, the pillow got here in plenty of time. I am impressed at the speed of shipping and the ease of communication I had with this seller. SUMMARY: Hilarious gift, accurate depiction of the emoji / perfect color, size of a small throw pillow, best pricing you'll find, fairly good quality, very soft, good experience with the seller. It's much better than I expected, and a picture doesn't do it justice.

Five Stars

Grandson loved it

Super Soft & Durable

So soft, The antlers actually bend so you can adjust them how you'd like.

Five Stars

These are so cute!!! Granddaughter loves them!!!

Five Stars

thank you