Sofa Bed Large Filled Triangular Wedge Cushion Backrest Positioning Support Pillow Reading Wedge Pillow Lumbar Pad With Removable Cotton Cover

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Colorful, nice assortment

Slightly imperfect doggies, fuzzy and brightly colored in a nice assortment. We are putting them in care packages. The youngsters in our church enjoy packing them for the families who will receive them. They are small but a good value.

Best purchase

This is the biggest and really plush in my collection

Perfect for party

This was a big hit as party favors for my son's dog-themed birthday party. We were tired of the classic "party favor" and wanted to go with something that at least had a chance of being played with for more than a day. These were perfect. Not too expensive and each child got to pick their own color. My son still has his in good condition after 2 months

Lovin' The Pete...

This is a great Pete doll. The size was great, quality nice and so cute I wanted to keep it. Total Christmas present hit and fun for kid to have while reading books.

Fricken adorable.

Bought this for my daughter, she absolutely loves it, though at her age I have to be careful she doesn't swallow the fur, she was absolutely enthralled by the pictures in the book, I wish there was a series, so that I could read more to her.

Great set of Gaming Headphones!

These are top of the line headphones for all of you games out there. I love the sound that I hear, and it is always crystal clear.

Five Stars

Greatest gift I ever bought.

Quality Purchase

Appears like the pictures and is well made. Extremely soft visually pleasing.


I haven't given this to my daughter yet because it is for her 5th birthday next month but I tried it out. It casts so many stars onto the ceiling. It actually surprised me that it covered the whole ceiling of my bedroom (my bedroom is pretty big). I guess I just imagined it would project enough to cover a small section of the ceiling. My 2 year old son was in the room when I tested it out and he was amazed by all the stars as well. He was mad when I had to put it away. Guess he's getting a turtle version of this for Christmas. The ladybug is also adorable. I saw that some of the customer pictures featured one with closed eyes but in the main picture her eyes were open. Mine arrived with her eyes open and I was pretty pleased about that. I think she's cuter that way. Anyway, I think my daughter is going to love it. If not, I'm giving it to my son. :)

Very nice. I gave this to a child who is ...

Very nice. I gave this to a child who is very happy.