Sofa Bed Wedge Cushion Prefilled Triangular Bed Backrest Positioning Support Pillow Reading Pillow Office Lumbar Pad With Removable Cover

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Good purchase!

Very comfortable! It is higher in the back than the front which forces you to sit straight. Seems well made too.

Five Stars


Way too cute!

This bear is absolutely adorable. I collect teddy bears and when my 2-year-old granddaughter saw this one, she immediately picked it up and started carrying it around - it just has that kind of face! It doesn't hurt that it is "dangly" and fun to dance with either. Destined to be well-loved.

Compact softness

I am surprisingly pleased at how soft & cuddly these are. Children adore them.


Wonderful mattress pad! It's so soft and cuddly. Fits perfectly over mattress.

Top toy, pup plays with it daily

This is a winner. I've cleaned it in the washer on cold water delicate cycle and it comes out like new. Pup's favorite for 3 months now. The squeaky part isn't obnoxious. It's like a security blanket only cuter and very portable. Well designed dog toy. Durable for our 10 pound teething 5 month old pup.

Good product

Been using this thing for a few months and I must say its awesome. It's very sturdy, doesn't feel cheap and has lasted at least 5 months since I got it with no noticeable wear and tear. It stands up and rotates as advertised however, the vertical position of the ipad doesn't allow it to stand up very well, as the grooves that hold it we'll for landscape are more forward than you'd need for portrait. I take care of my stuff, so I'm not sure how it would last under someone less careful than I. I've dropped It once on accident (about 3 feet) and ipad was safely inside, and the clips didn't even budge. No damage. Very happy with this Product.

Although these are great for newborns and toddlers, I love them as sturdy/safe pet toys.

I buy these for my dog. He eventually chews them up such that stuffing comes out of them; however, they last longer than regular plush toys that are made for dogs. They wash up easily in a washer/dryer and are pretty sturdy as safe pet toys. I have every color. My dog has an 18inch "My First Teddy" in Blue as well as the Tan, Blue, Pink and Lavender in the 15 inch size. I also keep extras in storage to ensure that they can be released when they begin to lose arms and legs.

Cute little Gumby.

Cute little gumby perfect for medium to large dogs. One squeaker in the head, soft material, embrodered face. Seems like it will last with a gentle dog, do not get this if your dog is a heavy chewer or a dog that likes to pull things apart.

a great block set at a great value

You get these blocks and think, "these are a joke." then you give these blocks to your baby and realize that babies love them. ALL babies. I have gotten these for several babies , including my own, and they all love them. The colors are bright, not too overwhelming, and each block has a different sound (crinkle, little rattles, etc). For what you pay, this is way worth it. My baby constantly teethed on these blocks when she was younger and I never noticed any cutting of her gums as some other reviewers had mentioned. babies love to have you stack these up and knock them down. simple, but great for their development. can easily be grabbed by tiny hands and fingers.