Superior Wedge Pillow Triangular Bed Backrest Positioning Support Pillow Reading Pillow Office Lumbar Pad With Removable Cover

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Rubbish. I never thought a sloth, real or ...

*Edit* I am leaving my original review below to show how I felt after unboxing my Cuddlekin Sloth. I was, at first, disgusted and, in my displeased state, named her Smelery (rhymes with celery). But fewer than 48 hours later, I had fallen hopelessly in love with her. My associates had too. Smelery's physical form may suggest aggressive radiation therapy or asbestos poisoning but her demeanor is ultimately casual: very real, equally enchanting. I dare you to find another plush like this. *Original* Rubbish. I never thought a sloth, real or stuffed, could be so charmless. The dismal polyblend 'fur' begins to fall out immediately and the construction lacks heft. I advise all but diehard sloth fans to steer clear of this insult to the genus Bradypus.

Fricken adorable.

Bought this for my daughter, she absolutely loves it, though at her age I have to be careful she doesn't swallow the fur, she was absolutely enthralled by the pictures in the book, I wish there was a series, so that I could read more to her.

Absolutely in love!

Love this pillow so much, I'm about to purchase another one! Just got it from the postal worker and I'm in love. It looks a little more taupe against my light grey sofa, but I'm ok with that, as I think it's perfect for fall! It did shed a little, but nothing crazy. I expected that. If it gets out of hand, I'll update my review. Purchasing a second one ASAP!

Five Stars

Nice stand. My daughter really likes it. It works perfect for her full size cello.


Lovely teddy bear got this for my girlfriend and it's actually bigger than I thought, well compress packed and ever since she got it she has never put it down, very satisfied :)

Stop Complaining! It's Fine!

People need to stop complaining! It's a good price. Try making this bear yourself and it would cost twice as much. Logistically, they can't mail you the bear for free if it's fully stuffed. Come on people! My daughter LOVES it. We unzipped the bear, fluffed it up, and added a little polyfill we bought at Walmart. The COOL part is you can UNSTUFF it and wash it! Love that! Kids can keep pajamas in it or treasures. FUN FUN FUN

Love it

Adorable! He was a gift for my mother but she was scared of it. So Beary Manilow sits in my corner on his guitar. Really soft and worth the price, good Valentine's Day gift. Not for your aging mother though

I heart spiders. :)

I love spiders, and I collect unusual stuffed animals. So this was made for me. Very soft, nice details, and a good addition to my collection!

Five Stars

Best thing ever was a total hit but it was over priced

It's good sized, she uses it as a pillow

I bought this for my granddaughter. Very cute, she loves it! It's good sized, she uses it as a pillow, to nap on.