Triangle Bed Cushion Fiber Filled Back Pain Relief Backrest Lumbar Support Pillow Cushion

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Four Stars

lot nice than it looks when you touch it and Surprisingly soft

Five Stars

My almost 4 year old LOVED reading through this with me. I think it's wonderfully written/drawn.

These are absolutely adorable! I was a little leery about ordering them ...

These are absolutely adorable! I was a little leery about ordering them because of some of reviews saying there were manufacturing/assembling errors with weird looking dogs and because I've ordered a similar product from another company that had those exact same errors. However each dog was perfect-eyes where they belonged, ears symmetrical, etc. I bought them to give out as year-end prizes for our church youth. So, so cute!

My sister isn't as pleased with me as they are EVERYWHERE

I got these for my 4 year old nephew for Christmas as he is in an "Ocean" stage. He loves them! My sister isn't as pleased with me as they are EVERYWHERE. :) They are very small, he can carry two or three in his hand at a time.

Very Durable, but Super Loud!

This is one of my dog's favorite toys. It's probably 4 ft long, and has a crap ton of squeakers. My dog would run around furniture with it and then knock the furniture over with his "snake lasso" so it had to become an outside toy (also, it's loud). He plays tug with it, as well, and after nearly 3 months of daily abuse it has only a few rips at the seams to speak of. I've ran it through the wash a few times to keep away the funky smell. And it's been drug through the mud. Really, I'm very impressed with how long this toy has lasted considering how rough my dog is with it.

This is a fine little fellow

He's adorable! Can't wait to give him to my four year old grandson. At first I thought he was missing his eyes, but the soft plush fur just needed to be pushed back . He now sees fine! He's a great size for snuggles.

So soft

Very soft and cute! Love this bear!

poop emoji pillow

My daughter wanted this poop emoji pillow. After searching on the amazon, i chose this seller for the 3 sizes poop pillow, super deal for the price and quality.

Five Stars

So soft. Exactly as advertised

Worth it!

They were as described! They feel so soft. I love it! My son loves it even way more. I admit I was feeling skeptic at first, but I'm glad I got them. They are only pillow cases btw, you must provide your own pillow.