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Sweet Doll

This was a gift for a one year old. The dress is extremely soft and there are a variety of textures incorporated within the doll, all perfect for a small child as a cuddle toy. Also, this doll does not have any small pieces that can pop out and create a choking hazard.

bought for my girl

She loves this cute face doll very much. Thanks.

Very good mat

I purchased this mat for my nearly 4yo son to use at pre-school. He loves the dinosaur print and is able to roll it up on his own. I will be taking the other reviewers advice and sewing the blanket batting in place before we wash it the first time. My only complaint is that it isn't quite long enough for him. He is tall for his age so he has to bend his legs in order to stay under the blanket. If you have a tall child, you may want to consider that. He naturally sleeps in that position so I don't foresee it being too big of a problem this year, but we'll likely need to find something different before he starts kindergarten.

Cushion that has cushioning in it!

"Very high cushion. You need to make sure your chair goes to the lowest position if you are short. I'm 5' 8' and my legs are at a slight slant now. However it is comfortably and fits the chair great. The belt is easy to hook. All and all it got the job done.".

Five Stars

Very nice

Five Stars

For a spider it is pretty cute. More importantly my grandson loves it.

Five Stars

The YES bear is very well made and most importantly my daughter loves it

Love it!

I purchased two of these for my daughters to take to child care for nap time. They are the envy of all the kids and parents always ask me where I got them from. They are easy to carry, clean well, and the pillow comes out! It doesn't get any better than that. They do run small-ish, so if your kid is extra tall for their age, or isn't in preK, I don't think they'd fit!

Cute bear

My niece loves the bear!! Well made and cute stuffed animal!!

Five Stars

Adorable, daughter loves