Triangle Sofa Cushions Thick Canvas Bed Wedge Pillow Back Support Pillow Fiber Filler Different Sizes For Single Or Twin Bed

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It is nice

I think this is really cute.. It is nice

Totally recommend

Great bear, girlfriend loved it for Valentine's Day

Five Stars


Gund Baby Orgh Dinosaur

Bought this as a present for the sister. The Gund Baby came exactly as pictured and is extremely soft. Very good quality as well. Upon inspection: - no loose strings - very well stuffed - found no open or poorly constructed seams For the quality and size you get vs price, this was a very good purchase. So I went and bought the Crom and Ugg dinosaurs too =) Cheers~

Do not buy! Mine came damaged. The crown ...

Do not buy! Mine came damaged. The crown was not attached, the necklace is not attached to the medallion, and the dress is different than picture

Amazing gift with only one flaw

Great gift except comes without cotton

Best toy ever!

SOOOOOO CUTE! AND my dog LOVES these toys.. It's super soft and the perfect size for him. I like the fact that there are 2 squeakers instead of the usual 1. A lot of the times, he tries to bite down on the squeaker of other toys, he can't get to it.. but with this one, I can hear him squeaking away. Would buy it over and over again!

Love it!

Its colour is not tan but creamy white. It looks very cute and is quite soft. I love it very much and I cuddle it to sleep everyday. Sounds quite childish! LOL

Four Stars

lot nice than it looks when you touch it and Surprisingly soft

Five Stars

My almost 4 year old LOVED reading through this with me. I think it's wonderfully written/drawn.