Wedge Bed Pillow Bed Backrest Pillow Great Gift For Book Lovers Or Tablet Users

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Single Much?

I LOVE my giant bear. I am single and hate sleeping alone. This is better than a body pillow. Who needs a body pillow when you have a giant man bear in your bed? Warm, fuzzy, and lifelike, I would highly recommend the bear dude to anyone who hates sleeping alone at night. Fur is super soft and bear is fun to arrange on my decorative pillows on my bed. Favorite Amazon purchase ever.

Five Stars



bigger than I though! Cute monkey

Crossy Road chicken plush toy perfect for fans of the game

Someone wanted this item as a gift awhile back but there hadn't been an official Crossy Road Chicken plush toy released. I managed to purchase this as soon as the item was featured through the app. Looks exactly like I would expect in person! Definitely would recommend.

Five Stars

Pretty darn cute for the macaron-lover!

Wanted to get a cute pig that looks like the cartoon/book Wibbly

I love this!! It's very cute, and my son adores it!! I was trying to get a Wibbly (cartoon/book character) stuffed animal, but was unable to find one. So I tried finding a pig that looked like him. This one is pretty close. It's adorable and really soft.


Very cute and super soft! This was exactly as pictured and well made as well. Durable for playtime and bedtime.

Happy Child!

It was a gift for a child. He was extremely happy he loved it!

Five Stars


Great to calm down irritable little one!

Mainly use for my infant son to kick in the car, and to distract him when he decides to cry. This has become one of my prime tools. If I squeeze this toys belly and hand it to my son I know that if he stops crying he isn't hungry, and doesn't need a clean diaper. Basically, it's a life saver