Yellow Corduroy Velvet Flip Wedge Pillow Bed Wedge Acid Reflux Pillow Bed Wedge Reading Cushion

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As comfortable as a sofa cushion

I love this little bed! Because dogs will always smell like dogs no matter what amazing shampoo you find, and I have a short haired shedder as well, I have been working on getting my dog to stop jumping onto the sofa to sleep. But, all I had on the floor for him was one of those flat beds with the cushioned ring, no cushioning on the bed part. I had it originally for the sofa, to keep him confined to at least one area of the sofa, but the sofa was still getting dog-smelly. Every time I walked away he was jumping on the sofa, or else would catch him longingly staring at "his" spot on the sofa. So I got this bed to give him a spot next to the sofa that would be as comfortable as the sofa, and I have to tell you that it is working like a charm. The first thing I did was to sit on the cushion with him and cuddle, and to check for myself its comfort level. I can affirm that it is a comfy and springy cushion, and that my dog loves his cushioned bed. He has been using it from the day I put it down on the floor, and has been staying off of the sofa.

Great quality. A bug

Arrived quickly. Great quality. A bug hit

this was a replacement for my other one which was a felt like feeling but this one reminds me of the ty ...

Very colorful and very soft, this was a replacement for my other one which was a felt like feeling but this one reminds me of the ty beanie babies , its in reincreadibly soft and plush . Very beautiful

Five Stars

Perfect fit for top of my diaper cake!

Great toy for very large dog!

Great for large dog. Our 85 pound dog cuddles with the bunny, but she did chew the feet off right away.

Cant go wrong

Made her oral surgery easier

Grandkids loved it. Bought a different one later

Grandkids loved it.Bought a different one later.

Five Stars


Organic, Safe, Perfect!

I use this on our stroller to prevent the straps from marking up my 7 month old. They work great and are very high quality. I bought these specifically because they were organic, but the quality far exceeded my expectations!

Five Stars

I love this teddy bear. It's smooth and funny and pretty.